Waste is a very important part of the towing industry. Because of this, we offer safe, efficient, and environmentally sound solutions with proper documentation.


Trash Pic

Household trash receptacles are located at our facility with easy access from your vessel.


Recycle Pic

We urge all vessels to separate recyclable materials from their trash. We have separate receptacles for:

  • Cardboard & Plastics
  • Electronics & Appliances
  • Lightbulbs
  • Batteries

Oily Waste

Oily Waste Pic

Oily waste needs to be separated, with filters drained, double bagged and taped shut. The filters will be crushed and recycled and any oil residue will be put into our recycling program. For rags and paint, please double bag and tape shut and they will go out as special waste.


Pump Pic

All of our bilge and slop tank material goes to proper and approved TSD facilities where the oil is recycled and the water is treated to meet all legal requirements.